Luxury Bespoke, Artisan Wood Flooring Collections

It is often said that your floor is the most important aspect of interior design. Other elements such as curtains, paint, wallpaper can be changed easily and inexpensively but a stunning, high-quality, luxury wood floor is an investment that sets the stage for the rest of the house adding a touch of luxury and class which can last a lifetime.


Bespoke wood flooring, in particular, can exude a timeless and natural beauty that no other material can and here at Continental Wood Flooring we are proud to present our range of hand-crafted artisanal wood and parquet flooring which has been carefully selected through partnering with the finest independent manufacturers in Italy, France and Spain.

Luxury, Artisan Wood Flooring Company


Contrary to many of the big-name European brands, all of our flooring products are made with the finest European oak and 100% manufactured in Western Europe. Moreover, unlike many wood floors which use a base of MDF, our engineered floors are equipped with a base of either birch, poplar, or pine which makes for a more supple movement of the floor with changes in temperature and thus considerably extends its lifetime. 


Contact us with the references of the floor samples you would like to receive and we will get them straight over to you. For other finishes, please get in touch concerning our bespoke service where we can work with you or your interior designer to create the perfect floor. The prices are fairly similar to our standard ranges and the possibilities are endless!!

Confused about all the terminology associated with artisan wood flooring? Read our Glossary of terms.

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Our prices range from £48 to £120 depending on the type of wood, the finish and the type of floor structure (engineered or solid). We deliver throughout the UK and all our products come with a 10-year guarantee.

Artisan wood flooring grades

Our wood flooring is graded according to the quality of the wood. There are a number of features that we take into account when grading the wood. These include the number and size of the knots, the colour variation of the wood and the amount of sap present in the wood. As a general rule, the fewer and smaller the size of the knots, the lower the sap content, and the less variation in colour of the wood, the higher the grade of wood.

Size of boards

All of our floors are available in a range of widths and can be cut according to your requirements. Narrow, shorter floorboards tend to suit smaller rooms as they will make the room appear wider and deeper. For the opposite reason, wider, longer boards are better suited to larger rooms. It is also possible to mix the width and length of the boards.

Sustainable sourcing

Our luxury artisan wood flooring is sustainably sourced from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified European woodlands. All of our wood is produced in Europe by PEFC members who ensure that our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. PEFC is the certification standard favoured by small forest operators.