Why choose Oak wood flooring?

Aside from its natural beauty, oak has been used for centuries due to its inherent resistance to infections and termites, thanks to the tannins typically found in Oak wood. Moreover, just as a good wine improves with age, the appearance of oak generally improves with time, taking on a slightly richer tone. The possibility of finishes is almost endless, oiled or varnished, smoked, planed and it may even be heated to a high temperature which not only provides further protection against termites but almost gives a look similar to that of more "exotic" woods.

Should I choose solid wood or engineered wood?

Choosing whether to lay a solid wood or engineered wood floor depends on the room the floor is for. A solid wood floor needs to be in an environmentally stable location with no humidity fluctuations and little dampness, making it ideal for rooms with generally even temperatures such as the living room, dining room, hall or bedroom.

Engineered wood is a better choice for laying in a kitchen, conservatory or basement, where both temperature and humidity can fluctuate enormously throughout both the day and the year, as it has more stability and is less likely to distort, gape or lift.

The finish

An oiled finish tends to be particularly suited for public spaces and heavily used areas since local maintenance on a precise area of the floor can be performed on an ongoing basis, notably in case of scratches due to pebbles etc. A varnished floor, on the other hand, is extremely easy to maintain and tends to be very resistant to scratches.