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At Continental Wood Flooring, we are proud to use highest-quality, carefully selected timber for our artisan and bespoke wood floors. The wood we use is sustainable, which means it has been harvested responsibly: when one tree is cut down another one is planted to replace it. Sustainably sourced timber generally means more than just replacing the timber that has been used and also involves ensuring that there is no ecological damage done to the surrounding flora and fauna. Forestry management systems are in place to ensure forests are properly maintained and cared for.


We source wood from across all Europe to create our solid, parquet and engineered wood floors. Different types of wood from different areas of the world have their own unique characteristics, and can make a big difference to the tone and feel of a room or house. But where does it come from and why do we choose it? Read on to learn about our independent manufacturers in Spain, Italy and France.



Sustainable Spanish Wood Flooring


Our Spanish Collection of wood flooring is 100% made and handcrafted in Spain, and is notable for its quality and simplicity. The wood we use often comes from forests that are managed under the Dehesa system, which is common in central and Southern Spain. Dehesa is an agrosilvopastoral system formed from the clearing of evergreen woodlands and then allowing trees, crops, native grasses and livestock to interact positively under careful human management. Dehesas are created by reducing tree density, eliminating shrub cover and prioritising the grass layer through grazing and crop culture. The Dehesa system is widely recognised as one of the best land use management systems.


The tree most common to Spanish woodlands is the evergreen Holm Oak, which is native to the Eastern Mediterranean. Officially known as Quercus Ilex, the tree has dark green foliage, which may explain where the term ‘holm’ comes from, as it means in ‘holly’ in Old English. The timber produced by the Holm Oak is incredibly strong and hard, making it perfect for both solid wood flooring and bespoke engineered wood floors, and a good choice if you’re looking for a floor that is hard wearing and long lasting. 


Our Spanish timber suppliers are based in Galicia, which is located at the most North-western part of Spain, a mountainous area with a wild, jagged coastline and an interior characterised by woodland, meadows and a wide variety of flora and fauna.


Sustainable Italian Wood Flooring


As you would expect from a country that is synonymous with style and elegance, our 100% Italian Collection adds a touch of real luxury to any room it’s laid in. The timber for the collection is produced by a small family company with over 120 years of experience, who are based in the region of Trentino, which nestles in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Trentino is famous for its impressive natural landscapes, featuring magnificent mountains, and green, verdant valleys. The area also boasts an incredible 297 lakes and is located close to the stunning shores of Lake Garda.


The area has lots of beautiful forests, the boundaries which are growing all the time, as Italy is one of the few places in the world that is being reforested. Since the Second World War trees have been planted in Italy on a huge scale and the country now has more than 42,000 square miles of forested land, which is more than 35% of the country. Much of the timber produced in Italy comes from the regions in the north, with oak and beech making up 40% of Italian wood production under a forestry management system with an impressive history dating all the way back to Roman times.


Our Italian Collection is extensive, and includes classic timbers such as American walnut and various oaks, as well as acacia, larch and European walnut. We have almost 30 different styles of flooring available, which includes both Palazzo oak and Palazzo American walnut. Our Palazzo floors feature a beautiful lattice design, which make them suitable for rooms where you want to make a great impression, such as hallways, dining rooms and reception rooms.


Sustainable French Wood Flooring


French interior design cleverly combines old and new, which our French Wood Flooring Collection mirrors perfectly thanks to its combination of both classic and modern elements. The collection is notable for the simplicity of its finishes, which allows the natural hues and tones of the wood to shine through. Our entire French Collection is made from French oak, which is highly sought after for flooring, as well as building and landscaping. France has strict laws in place to maintain the biodiversity of its forests whilst still being able to produce beautiful, high quality oak. The oak forests have a 25-30 year cycle, from when the seedlings are planted to being transplanted to sustainable forests to being harvested after they have grown to full maturity.


Our French oak comes from suppliers in the Torce region of Brittany in North West France. The area includes the forest of Paimpont, which is all that remains of a vast forest that used to cover ancient Brittany. Legend has it that this woodland is the location of Brocéliande, the enchanted forest that features in several medieval texts related to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The oak in our French Collection is available in a variety of finishes, from a natural, classic look to light grey or white tones to a dark and earthy graphite oiled board. Whatever style you’re looking for, there is something to suit everyone.


We are passionate about the wood we choose at Continental Wood Flooring. We recognise the importance of choosing sustainable timber from responsible suppliers, making sure that beautiful wood can be sourced for many years to come. 

If you have any further questions about our bespoke flooring company, suppliers or the timber we use, we encourage you to get in touch on 01302-315008 or drop us an email via our contact form. We’ll be happy to help, send samples and talk you through our beautiful artisan wood flooring collections.

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