Spanish Oak Wood Flooring

Our Spanish Collection showcases the timeless beauty of wood, from deep rich brown tones with rustic accents through to much lighter hues of whites and greys with contemporary finishes. Hand-crafted and 100% made in Spain, the charm of this collection lies primarily in its simplicity and quality. All floors in this collection are made with a 3-layer structure with a support base of poplar.


Contrary to cheaper MDF or plywood based floors, this results in a far superior stability of the floor with changes in temperature and humidity and thus a much longer life. Moreover, we can supply many of the floors in this collection with an easy-to-lay click fit system which may also help simplify the installation process. For further pricing and information, please click on the images below and imagine a stunning transformation of your house.

Sustainable Spanish Wood Flooring

Forests cover 30% of Spain which is two times the density of the UK. 80% of forests in Spain are privately owned while the remainder is owned and managed by local communities often under the Dehesa system that is common in central and Southern Spain. Trees are managed on a long-term basis with over a quarter of the woodland being used for environmental conservation and soil protection. The Dehesa system is widely recognised as one of the best land use management systems. 

The most common tree in Spanish woodlands is the evergreen Holm Oak which is native to the Eastern Mediterranean. The timber from Holm Oaks is incredibly strong and hard, making it an ideal product for both solid wood floors and engineered wood floors. The region responsible for most of the wood supply is in the North of the country on the Atlantic coast. Galicia is Spain’s wood production powerhouse despite the fact that 87% of wood comes from traditional smallholder plots. Our Spanish suppliers are based in Galicia and have specialised in the production of wood flooring for over 50 years. 

Spanish Wood Flooring FAQs

Why choose Spanish wood flooring?

The timeless beauty of wood floor makes it an excellent choice for any home. Not only is it hardwearing and incredibly easy to maintain, but it will also add value to your home.

How to lay wood flooring

If you’re considering a wooden floor for your home, you may be daunted by the task of laying it. Here are some useful tips.

How to maintain wood flooring

With the right care, your wood floor will look amazing for many years. 

Which rooms are best for wood flooring?

Thanks to the constant development of technology and installation techniques, wood flooring can now be fitted pretty much anywhere in your home. Find out what type of flooring will work in which particular room in your house.

What should you consider when investing in wood flooring?

Find out what you need to consider before going ahead and committing to a wood floor.