Segovia Oak (£62/m2)

100% Made in Spain

Segovia Oak (£62/m2):

European Oak Wood Flooring:

Finish: Oiled, Smoked, Hand-Planed, Whitened, Sawn,

3-layer engineered


  Engineered - 4mm top layer

  £59/m2 - 15mm x 220 mm x 1900 mm

  Engineered - 6mm top layer (on request)

  £18/m2 supplement

Possibility of knots of diameter up to 35mm

Segovia Oak (£62/m2)

On request, this item may also be produced in other dimensions from 10cm to 30 cm wide. Please contact us for further details.


Skirting Board, £12/m

Stair Nosing, £22/m

Door Threshold, £12/m

Segovia Oak (£62/m2)

As with any natural wood product, it is possible that the exact colour varies slightly compared to the product shown

Colour and tone

This light beige oak floor with flashes of white is truly remarkable. The subtle light shades and bold features make this flooring the perfect backdrop for a makeover.

Finish and texture

Hand-planed and smoked, its expertly sawn finish gives a rippled, undulating effect which, apart from being a stunning feature, also helps protect the floor from very heavy use. The whitened finish will give you that lush, light Nordic look.


Particularly suited to go with dark or antique furniture this floor will instantly create a wonderful atmosphere in any room. Stamp your own personality on the room by matching the Segovia Oak with bold colours to give a fresh contemporary feel.

Suitable for

  • Dining rooms

  • Living rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms 

  • Bedrooms

  • Hallway


All of our wood is produced in Europe by PEFC members who ensure that our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests.


Can be installed over an existing floor either floating or glued down. Can be fitted professionally or speak to our team about installing Segovia Oak flooring yourself.