Natural Oiled Rustic Oak (from £54/m2)
Natural Oiled Rustic Oak (from £54/m2)
Natural Oiled Rustic Oak (from £54/m2)

As with any natural wood product, it is possible that the exact colour varies slightly compared to the product shown


100% Made in France

Natural Oiled Rustic Oak (from £54/m2):

European Oak Wood Flooring:

Finish: Oiled



  Engineered - 3mm top layer

  £59/m2 - 12mm x 145mm x 1000-2000mm

  £62/m2 - 12mm x 180mm x 1000-2000mm


  Engineered - 5mm top layer

  £79/m2 - 16mm x 180mm x 1000-2000mm


  £84/m2 - 16mm x 220mm x 1000-2000mm


  Engineered - 5mm top layer - Extra wide  

  £99/m2 - 20mm x 295mm x 1000-2000mm

  £119/m2 - 20mm x 295mm x 1800-3000mm

  Engineered - 6mm top layer

  £84/m2 - 20mmx 180mm x 1000-2000mm

  Solid Wood

  £54/m2 - 14mm x 70mm x 300-600mm

  £59/m2 - 14mm x 90mm x 300-1200mm

  £69/m2 - 14mm x 130mm x 600-1800mm


  £79/m2 - 20mm x 140/160mm x 600-2000mm

  £92/m2 - 20mm x 180/200mm x 600-2000mm     

15-20% of lengths less than the stated minimum for beginning planks

Possibility of large knots, for pricing supplement with smaller knots/no knots please contact us.

On request, this product may also be manufactured in other dimensions, including with fixed lengths and in Herringbone format. For a free no-obligation quote within 24 hours, please contact us.

Accessories (available in several sizes) :

Skirting Board, £14/m 

Stair Nosing,  £24/m

Door Thresholds,  £14/m

Colour and tone

The alternating rich medium brown tones and golden blonds make for a truly natural floor which looks equally stunning whether catching the first rays of morning light or under strong spotlights after dark.

Finish and texture

Select pieces of wood are smoothed and cut at the perfect angle to reveal wonderful swirling patterns in the oak wood before undergoing an oiling process which not only brings out the deep natural colours of the wood but also makes for easy and ultra-quick maintenance and repairs. On request, it may also be supplied with a brushed finish.


The subtle variation in natural oak colours makes this a wonderfully natural yet sophisticated floor well-suited to a variety of settings from informal dining rooms to hallways and lounges.

Suitable for

  • Dining rooms

  • Living rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms 

  • Bedrooms

  • Hallway


Our solid and engineered wood is sourced from smaller certified forests which guarantee the promotion of sustainable European forest management. 


Can be installed over an existing floor either floating or glued down. Can be fitted professionally or speak to our team about installing it yourself.