Colony Oak (from £92/m2)
Colony Oak (from £92/m2)

100% Made in Italy

Colony Oak:

European Oak Wood Flooring:

Finish: Varnished, Brushed, Sawn,


  Engineered - 4mm top layer

  £92/m2 - 14mm x 120-160 mm (fixed/variable) x 700-1800 mm*

  £99/m2 - 16mm x 150-240 mm (fixed/variable) x 1200-2200 mm*


  £109/m2 - 16mm x 240-370 mm (fixed/variable) x 1200-3000 mm*


  Engineered - 6mm top layer

  £18/m2 supplement


*10% of lengths less than the stated minimum for beginning planks

Possibility of knots up to 30mm in diameter for widths up to 240 mm

Possibility of knots of any size for widths greater than 240 mm

Colony Oak (from £92/m2)

As with any natural wood product, it is possible that the exact colour varies slightly compared to the product shown

On request, this item may also be produced in other dimensions from 10cm to 37cm wide. Please contact us for further details.


Skirting Board, £12/metre

Stair Nosing, £60 (70mm x 30mm x 1000/1250mm)

Door Threshold, £35 chf (50mm x 900mm)

Colour and tone

The Colony Oak shows off a graceful blend of soft greys and blonds to create a light airy look.

Finish and texture

After brushing, this floor is treated with a sawn effect finish which, aside from adding interest, makes for a remarkably durable floor. It is finished with a subtle varnish which may be further reinforced for use in public areas of other places of high-density traffic.


The situations this floor is suited to are endless, be it a beach property or simply a room in need of a refreshing light airy and natural look. Moreover, the versatility of this floor means it may easily be combined with a variety of interiors be it strong splashes of colour to create a modern contrasting look or an understated elegant feel featuring browns blacks and cream white curtains.

Suitable for

  • Dining rooms

  • Living rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms 

  • Bedrooms

  • Hallway


Our solid and engineered wood is sourced from smaller certified forests which guarantee the promotion of sustainable European forest management. 


Can be installed over an existing floor either floating or glued down. Can be fitted professionally or speak to our team about installing it yourself.