Italian Wood Flooring

Our Italian Collection is produced by a family company, nestling in the foothills of the Italian Alps, with over 120 years' experience. For centuries, Italian design has been synonymous with class and style and this collection is no exception. 100% Italian-made, these luxurious hand-crafted floors will transform your house into a real haven of luxury.


The products below represent our core offering but, for other finishes, feel free to contact us with an idea of what you are looking for as the possibilities are endless! This collection ranges from dark brown shades of luxurious prime American walnut through a variety of classic yet original oak finishes, to more unusual woods such as Acacia, Larch, and European Walnut. Available in a wide variety of widths, fixed or variable, these floors can also be made on request in Herringbone format or a number of latticed patterns.


For further information and photos, please click on the images below. Request a sample today and imagine how your house could be transformed...


Superior European Oak
Superior European Oak.
Oiled/Varnished​, Brushed
Prime American Walnut
Prime American Walnut.
Oiled/Varnished​, Brushed.
Arenaria Oak
Arenaria Oak.
Brushed, Varnished.
Tortola Oak
Tortola Oak.
Varnished​, Brushed
Villa Alessandra Oak
Villa Alessandra Oak.
Varnished, Brushed, Hand-Planed, Waxed.
Villa Isabella Oak
Villa Isabella Oak.
Varnished​, Brushed.
Villa Aria Oak
Villa Aria Oak.
Varnished​, Brushed, Hand-Planed.
Villa Francesca Oak
Villa Francesca Oak.
Varnished, Brushed.
Colony Oak
Colony Oak.
Varnished, Brushed, Sawn.
Villa Elsa Oak
Villa Elsa Oak.
Varnished​, Brushed, Sanded.
American Walnut "1876"
American Walnut 1876.
Oiled​, Brushed, Hand-Planed.
European Walnut
Classic European Walnut.
Varnished, Brushed, Hand-Planed.
Venezia Oak
Venezia Oak.
Brushed, Hand-Planed, Oiled.
European Acacia
European Acacia.
Brushed, Oiled/Varnished.
Limed Oak
Limed Oak.
Brushed, Hand-Planed, Varnished, Waxed.
Caramel Oak
Caramel Oak.
Brushed, Oiled.
Torino Oak
Torino Oak.
Brushed, Varnished.
Larch "Del Borgo"
Larch "Del Borgo".
Brushed, Varnished.
Cristal Larch
Cristal Larch.
Brushed, Hand-planed, Oiled.
Edinburgh Oak
Edinburgh Oak.
Brushed, Varnished.
Firenze Oak
Firenze Oak.
Brushed, Hand-Planed carved around knots, Varnished, Sawn
Rossini Oak
Rossini Oak.
Hand-Planed, Brushed, Varnished, Waxed.
York Oak
York Oak.
Gently Hand-Planed, Brushed, Varnished.
Milano Oak
Milano Oak.
Oiled/Varnished, Brushed.
Palazzo Oak
Palazzo Oak.
Oiled/Varnished​, Brushed, Planed, Waxed.
Palazzo American Walnut
Palazzo American Walnut.
Oiled/Varnished​, Brushed.
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How to maintain wood flooring

With the right care, your wood floor will look amazing for many years. 

Which rooms are best for wood flooring?

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