European Solid Wood Flooring

There is nothing like a solid wood floor to give your home a natural character and warm feel. It can be used throughout the home in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Real wood floors will enhance all styles of property from contemporary city apartments to traditional country houses. As the name suggests solid wood flooring is made from a solid piece of timber. Planks of wood are sawn from a single piece of wood. They are then cut down to size and shaped into equally sized sections. These sections are sanded and machined to create the edges that allow them to be fitted together. Finally, they are either air dried or kiln dried.

Solid oak floors are the most common wooden flooring due to the durability and strength of oak. Walnut and Acacia are also popular choices due to their stunning grains and range of colour. Each species is available in a variety of patterns, styles and colours. Natural wood floors are treated with oil, brushed or varnished to achieve a distinctive finish.


Passy Oak
Passy Oak.
Newport Oak
Newport Oak.
Negresco Oak
Negresco Oak.
La Rochelle Oak
La Rochelle Oak.
Graphite Oak
Graphite Oak.
Natural Oiled Rustic Oak
Natural Oiled Rustic Oak.
Neutral Oiled Country Oak
Neutral Oiled Country Oak.
Clear Oiled.
Neutral Varnished Natural Oak
Neutral Varnished Natural Oak.
Neutral Varnish.
Matt Varnished Prime Oak
Matt Varnished Prime Oak.
Matt Varnish.
Versailles Oak Panel
Versailles Oak Pannel.
Double Zéro Panel
Double Zéro Pannel.
Monceau Oak Panel
Monceau Oak Pannel.
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Wood Flooring FAQs

Why choose wood flooring?

The timeless beauty of wood floor makes it an excellent choice for any home. Not only is it hardwearing and incredibly easy to maintain, but it will also add value to your home.

How to lay wood flooring

If you’re considering a wooden floor for your home, you may be daunted by the task of laying it. Here are some useful tips.

How to maintain wood flooring

With the right care, your wood floor will look amazing for many years. 

Which rooms are best for wood flooring?

Thanks to the constant development of technology and installation techniques, wood flooring can now be fitted pretty much anywhere in your home. Find out what type of flooring will work in which particular room in your house.

What should you consider when investing in wood flooring?

Find out what you need to consider before going ahead and committing to a wood floor.

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