European Continental Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is made up of individual blocks of wood that are laid in a geometrically designed pattern. Herringbone is a classic parquet pattern, the wooden blocks are laid so that they interlock in a diagonal design which draws the eye in the direction of the pattern.

Other popular patterns include basket weave, chevron, and brickwork. Parquet blocks come in a variety of different species of wood as well as various shades, styles and finishes. This makes it possible to create really interesting designs that can transform any room.

Parquet floors look incredibly stylish, they were traditionally used in 16th-century French castles. Due to the intricacies and the time it takes to align parquet blocks in perfect patterns, parquet floors are more expensive to install than other types of wood flooring. This means that parquet floors are usually suited to larger rooms such as living rooms and dining rooms.

The possibilities are nearly endless and nearly all of the finishes of our standard ranges may be made in a variety of standard patterns including herringbone and chevron and in wide range of sizes. Below are just some examples, for more information please get in touch...


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Parquet Flooring FAQs

Why choose parquet flooring?

Parquet floors can be laid in many different patterns making it ideal throughout the house. The body of parquet floors is excellent at absorbing impact, making it a highly stable floor

How to lay parquet flooring

If you’re considering a parquet floor for your home, it may be easier than you think even without previous experience or the need for special tools. Here are some useful tips.

How to maintain wood flooring

Parquet floors are less affected by moisture and temperature than other types of wood flooring. With the right care, your wood floor will look amazing for many years. 

Which rooms are best for wood flooring?

Parquet floors have been around since the 1600s but have recently become a fashionable option. Parquet floors can be fitted pretty much anywhere in your home. ​The geometric designs mean that it will fit with all types of decor.

What should you consider when investing in parquet flooring?

Find out what you need to consider before going ahead and committing to a parquet floor.