What Decor Works Best With a Wood Floor?

A solid or engineered wood floor adds a feeling of real quality and luxuriousness to your home. Wooden floors offer warmth and elegance, and work in any style of house, from a contemporary urban apartment to a rustic country farmhouse. A wood floor should be a focal part of your interiors, and you can design your home in a way that showcases your wood floor to its absolute best.


One of the best things about having a wood floor is that it is timeless and will never go out of fashion: different types of décor may fall in and out of favour, but a wood floor can always fit in perfectly with whatever is on-trend at the moment. 

Here are some tips on decorating your home in ways that will perfectly complement your gorgeous wood floor.

Start with the Walls

The walls of a room are the most basic element, the blank canvas that the rest of your décor will build upon. Choosing a colour that complements your wood floor rather than clashing with it or overpowering it will give you a firm foundation for everything else you add to the room. Most of us wish to create a feeling of light and space in the rooms of our home, so it pays to think carefully about how the colour of your walls will interact with the colour of the floor.

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If you have a dark wood floor, made out of graphite oak or something similar, you can balance out the incredible rich intensity of the boards with light, neutral wall colours such as cream grey or oatmeal. If you want to use a more vivid hue that will complement the dark boards, a soft blue will really bring out the colours within the wood.

Lighter wood floors vary in colour but have either warm undertones of yellow, red or orange, such as Salamanca oak, or cool undertones of grey or taupe, such as York oak. If your floor has warm tones, complement it with warm colours on your walls to create a cosy living space. If you have chosen a wood with cool tones, choose from icy pastels such as blues, violets, greens and greys. If you want a bold and striking interior, match warm and cool, for example, vibrant orange walls with cool grey floorboards.

Soften with Rugs

Laying rugs on your wood floor can enhance the look you’re trying to create for a room by adding texture, pattern and colour. For example, if you want the room to feel sophisticated and elegant, a richly coloured, traditional Afghan or Moroccan rug adds instant traditional style. If you want a modern feel, a monochrome rug with a bold contemporary pattern will do the job. Rugs that pick up or complement the colours of the walls will give your room a cohesive look and feel.

However, rugs aren’t just about aesthetics. They are very useful for delineating areas of a room, for example, anchoring sofas or particular groupings of furniture, or defining different parts of a large room that may be used for TV watching, study and dining. Rugs also allow you to play with the textures within a room. For areas that get a lot of wear, such as kitchen or hallways, choose a rug made of hard-wearing material such as jute or bamboo, which will protect the floor from excessive foot traffic and help it to last longer. However, in areas such as the bedroom, you can opt for something sumptuous and indulgent such as sheepskin, which will help your feet make the transition from warm bed to cooler floor.

Compliment with Furniture

As with the walls, you need to balance the colour of your furniture with the colour of your wooden floor. Too much dark furniture on a dark wood floor will feel heavy and oppressive, whilst white furniture will make the room feel contemporary, minimalist and modern. You may wish to forego wooden furniture entirely and add new textures and finishes to the room, such as metal or plastics in bright, bold colours.

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If you do decide to include wooden furniture in your interiors, don’t go overboard or your home could end up looking like an old fashioned museum. Consider the colours and tones of your furniture and whether they complement or clash with your floor. You should also consider the types of wood that you have: mixing an oak floor with an ash table is one thing, but throwing stripped pine chairs and a mahogany sideboard into the mix is something else altogether. If you’re putting one type of wooden furniture on another type of wooden floor, try using a rug as a buffer to separate the two kinds of wood so they can both be appreciated.

Finish off with Accessories

Once you have decided on your walls, rugs and furniture, add some accessories to tie everything together. Introducing some metallic elements will bring vibrancy into the room: think brass or copper light fittings or lamps. Plants work well with wood, as the natural elements complement each other and bring a breath of freshness into your interiors. Match dark wood floors with plants with large vibrant green leaves, such as Swiss cheese plants, yuccas and palms. Smaller wooden details that pick up the tones of the floor and carry it throughout the room also work well, such as ornaments, plant pots and bowls for small items such as keys or loose change.

A wood floor brings an enormous amount to a home in terms of elegance, sophistication and timelessness. Decorating and furnishing to compliment it will bring out its natural beauty and help it work in harmony with the other elements of your interior decoration. You can decorate to complement it whatever current trends are and it will always look fantastic because a wood floor will be in fashion forever.

At Continental Wood Flooring, we have a range of beautiful natural and engineered wood floors. If you want to find out more, then why not get in touch with us today.

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