Bespoke Wood Flooring Service

Our bespoke service is there for any requests outside of our standard collections. Whatever the type of wood, the lengths, widths, or finish, we can usually find a way to meet your needs. For an approximate quote within 24 hours, simply provide us with the following information by phone, email, or via our contact page and it will be our pleasure to be of assistance:

  • The wood species (e.g. Mahogany, Jatoba, Oak,...)

  • The required finish (e.g. Varnished, Brushed, Scraped, Thermo-treated)

  • The required dimensions (thickness x width x length)

  • The approximate order quantity required in square metres

Alternatively, if you are looking for a bespoke engineered wood flooring, or something entirely original but are still in search of inspiration, here are some further examples of the sorts of finishes we may produce on request. You may even send us a picture of something you've seen and we will provide you with a prototype version if technically possible...


And here are some examples of the sorts of standard patterns we can produce...

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